Alexa Sales Expected To Reach 180 Million Sales By Christmas

Credit Flickr

It’s been clear for several years now that Amazon has been dominating the smart speaker market with its voice assistant Alexa, with Alexa having successfully made the jump from the company’s own Echo line of speakers to a wide range of third-party devices. Amazon has revealed how many products with built-in Alexa it’s sold, an astonishing more 120 million!

With Christmas starting to once again come around the corner Amazon expect to get near 180 million within the next 3 months.
Talking to robots does seem popular as the cyber market increases daily across the world.
There are now over 150 products that have Alexa built-in, like the Sonos One speaker and the Bose QC35 II headphones.
 Apparently, though Spain is one of the countries with the least users and so the Euro Weekly News asked local IT expert Michael Morris why he thought this is?
He said” Spain, in general, is still a few years behind when it comes to applications like this as well as other cyber avenues, online retail shopping as an example, whilst it’s starting to build slowly you could say the Spanish are 5 to 8 years behind, in regards Alexa and other similar devices I think the outside lifestyle of the Spanish and it’s social way of human interaction is a factor, Technology always spreads from the Far East and the States before it hits Europe which is mainly the British and Germans first”


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