That sinking feeling in Alicante

UNCERTAIN: Red tape holding up plans for the Santisima Trinidad. Credit: Basilio/Wikimedia

A SHIP whose famous forebear met her demise when she came face to face with Nelson is on the verge of being sunk by red tape. 

Last July the replica of former Spanish flagship the Santisima Trinidad (Holy Trinity), which is tied up in Alicante port, seemed to have finally found a new owner. 

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A tourism company specialising in luxury travel had put in a bid to take over the ship. 

The plan is to tow it a new home in Cape Verde. But nothing seems to have happened as the ship – which was used as a restaurant and club – sits tied up with its condition deteriorating and wood starting to rot. 

Now the port authority is starting to charge mooring fees as the ship’s new owner tried to complete all the paperwork needed for transport. It needs to be taken by trailer to dry dock in Denia for an inspection before it can be licenced to be put back into use, which is an expensive business. 

The new owners say they have a transport plan in place. But if that doesn’t work out the alternative bidder was a scrap merchant who planned to break the ship up. 

The original Santisima Trinidad was the flagship of the Spanish Navy in the 18th century. Equipped with 112 cannons, the ship was the largest at that time. It fought in all Spanish battles from 1769 until its end at Trafalgar in 1805, after which it finally sank due to the damage suffered. 


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