Sex charge for man in Vega Baja

Sex charge for man in Vega Baja

PROSECUTORS are asking for a man aged 50 to be jailed for 16 years after he allegedly raped a teenager he had groomed on the internet. 

The indictment states that he contacted the victim through the Internet, asked for intimate photos and blackmailed her with publishing them if she did not agree to his sexual demands. 

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The events occurred in June last year, in a town in an un named town on the Vega Baja. The accused is alleged to have contacted the 13-year-old girl through social networks. 

After several weeks gaining her trust, he allegedly asked her for more and more intimate photographs, before blackmailing her into visiting his home and having sex. 

When he went out, she escaped from his house. At first she was too scared to say anything to her family, but later told her mother what had happened. 


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