Pedro Sanchez wants to see a fully inclusive Spain with Catalonia

PEDRO SANCHEZ: Speaking on the campaign trail Credit: PSOE Facebook

IN an election campaign speech which he gave to supporters yesterday (Monday) interim Prime Minister and leader of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) explained why his party should gain a majority in the November elections.

He said that Spain is a society open to the future which believes in the rights of women, feminist, ecology, tolerance and is European, dynamic and entrepreneurial.

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It can only reach its full potential if steered by a Government which had a working majority and he believes that his party can do this.

With the second anniversary of the illegal Catalan Independence referendum occurring today (Tuesday) he appealed to those living in Catalonia to look for coexistence, not independence.

He went on to say that those seeking Independence must recognise their failure, stop fracturing Catalan society and begin to meet its real needs.

Adding that all should stand proud against violence in all its forms, wherever it may come from which was a clear warning that no violent displays would be tolerated by the Spanish Government.


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