At the forefront of tech in Malaga University

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LEADING: Malaga is at the forefront of new tech. Credit: EMT/Twitter
LEADING: Malaga is at the forefront of new tech.
Credit: EMT/Twitter

MALAGA University’s campus is at the forefront the in trials for a world-leading electric bus system. 

Buses on the 2.5 kilometre, 12 minute, route, which carries 150,000 passengers a year, can now give their batteries a top-up at the final stop. 

Metal contacts lower from the bus onto recharging points set into the tarmac giving a quick charge of between two and five minutes, meaning the timetable is not disrupted. 


It means the bus can stay on the road longer and also reduces the amount of batteries it needs to carry, leading to cost and efficiency savings. 

The system is safe for other road users, with the mechanism only coming into operation when the bus is halted in the correct place. 

Wireless technology detects the contacts being lowered and a protective mesh rises to cover the operation. 

Miguel Ruiz, manager of the EMT said electric buses are the future but the technological challenges had to be overcome. 

The prototype project, known as Paloma, is funded by the Feder Funds of the European Union and the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development), the project is supported by the City Council of Malaga, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the University of Malaga. 


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