Thank Flare For That!

Credit Twitter
A 42-year-old hiker who took on the challenging mountain terrain of Sierra de Orihuela had more of a challenge than he first thought he would on Saturday morning.
The Hiker who was solo whilst near the summit of the mountains fell in a crevasse and could not get back to his feet as he broke his ankle, with no assistance in sight he went to his mobile phone to alert the emergency services but due to the altitude, he had no signal.
The quick-thinking hiker who was in tremendous pain recalled in his backpack he had a distress flare from sailing the week before, rummaged in his bag and launched the loud red flare.
Thankfully the flare was spotted by a low flying private aeroplane who alerted the emergency services, fire crews and emergency helicopter were launched promptly retrieving the hiker and flew him to hospital in Vega Baja.


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