Reforestation call in Torrevieja

HEAVY PRUNING: 65 trees are said to have died.Credit: mcchord afb

A CALL has gone out to ‘reforest’ a Torrevieja street. 

Ciudadanos’s (C’s) Councillor Pilar Gomez Magan has pointed out that Calle Ramon Gallud alone has more than 65 trees missing because they have been cut down on the past. Most of the trees were originally planted in the 1990s. 

She wants plan put in place that will see native trees planted to replace the lost ones, “taking advantage of the grants that several administrations have such as the Cooperation Fund of the Alicante Provincial Council endowed with € 135,000.” 


Trees in the road have been a constant source of problems because their planting was “originally botched.” 

Cork trees were located on the roadway, making parking difficult, and first floor residents have complained that the branches were encroaching on their properties. 

The council responded by pruning the trees heavily, against the advice of experts. This is thought to hcve led to many of them dying. 

Now C’s want them replanted as part of an improvement scheme. The group says pavements should be widened to give better pedestrian access and allow the trees to flourish without affecting buildings. 

This is said to be the only street in Torrevieja with native species rather than palm trees. 


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