Drugs, not terrorism in Altea

VICTIM’S SHOP: Second shooting in two years Photo credit: Mine

THE owner of a Halal butcher’s received two bullet wounds in an Altea shooting.

The attacker fled immediately, Policia Local and Guardia Civil sources confirmed afterward, and has not yet been located.

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This was the second time that the same North African was involved in a shooting and it followed the same pattern as a previous incident in July 2017.

The victim, who was wounded in the leg and gluteus, was immediately transferred to Villajoyosa hospital, amidst panic in Calle Medico Adolfo Quiles, located in central Altea less than 50 metres away from the town hall.

According to initial police findings, the present shooting is, as it was before, linked to a settling of accounts regarding drugs.

The same halal butcher’s came under scrutiny in October 2016, when police arrested Adil Anouar, an apparently integrated Altea resident related to the owner, on terrorism charges.

Police sources have confirmed that there are no apparent terrorist links to the present shooting or that of July 2017.


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