BREAKING NEWS Cardiff City Ordered To Pay For Dead Player

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Fifa has just ruled the Welsh football club must pay Nantes football club for dead 15 million pound striker.
Cardiff City had tried to welch out of the deal when the plane carrying Emiliano Sala ditched into the freezing waters just off the Channel Islands.
Cardiff City FC despite holding memorials outside their ground displaying ” Sala once a Bluebird always a bluebird” and Manager Neil Warnock saying ” He was my player” soon changed their minds when emotions had died down and retracted to arguing they were not liable for the 15 million pound transfer of the player.
The club failed to make the first interim payment shortly after the player’s death and never paid a penny since.
Cardiff City tried to argue that the contract had not been signed correctly, although now Fifa has ruled differently stating they must pay the first instalments that were due totalling 6 million euros.
Sala had been to Cardiff previously and signed his contract but wasn’t eligible to play that weekend, he decided he needed to return home to collect a few things, arrange for his dog to be looked after and say goodbye properly to his former teammates.
Cardiff City offered him a cheap Flybe flight to Paris but the player declined that after a Cardiff City player text Sala saying ” Dad will get you a flight”
Dave Mckay the football agent who was representing Nantes in the deal being the players Father.
A private flight was arranged from Cardiff airport direct to Nantes free of charge by the agent with a return after the weekend so Sala could make Tuesday training.
The return flight crashed as Sala returned.
In many ways to the disgust of worldwide football supporters, Cardiff City absorbed all the emotional publicity surround the tragic event and then several weeks later looked for various options not to pay their dues.
Some rumours believed to be true amongst supporters was that Cardiff City never insured the player after signing him and hence why they wished not to pay, Club Directors when questioned on this subject never denied it but prefered to skip around the question.
Unfortunately, shortly after his son’s death, Sala’s father in Argentina suffered a heart attack dying of a broken heart.
Today with Fifa’s announcement brings justice to the Nantes football club who felt they had sold their player in good faith.



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