Should Horse Riders Poop And Scoop?

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Adrian Vincent of Torreblanca took a trip to the Town Hall this week as the Feria weekend approaches in Fuengirola.

Adrian 54 said he went to make a complaint and suggested new regulations or possibly law implementations.
Adrian’s issue is horse poo and feels not enough is done as horses do “their business” on the roads and pavements of the town.
After hearing of Adrian’s rather strange complaints we at the Euro Weekly News thought it best to get hold of him for an interview.
We tracked Adrian down through his facebook page and arranged to meet him at his local Saturday haunt where he watches the afternoons sport.
We asked Adrian to explain his issue.
” Listen, I’ve had a gutsful I really have, only this week I trod in yet more horse poo up the top of the town by the taxi rank. I was on a night out to meet a young lady friend so dressed smartly to impress, including my new designer shoes.  As I got out of the taxi, splat straight into bleeding horse poo, those shoes cost me 400 euros ! made of suede and were covered in the stuff”
Without trying to laugh and keeping a straight face we asked how his date went?
” Would you want to go on a date with someones feet smelling of manure? yes I did try to wipe it off with a discarded Newspaper from the bins but it smudged all over the suede and turned my lovely white designer shoes into patchy brown, worse than that they stunk, I didn’t tell my date but as we only had a quick drink and she skipped the planned meal in fish alley I think she caught a whiff for sure. With my date ruined I was well hacked off, 400 euro shoes ruined and first date lasting longer than a five-furlong sprint race, I wasn’t impressed and stropped off back to the taxi rank, I was furious I can tell ya and it was made even worse as I could see the taxi driver’s nose twitching quicker than a rabbits in Watership Down”
At this stage, I and my note-taker Julie looked at each other and burst out laughing to which Cockney Adrian quipped ” come on guys it’s really not funny or though to you I’m sure it is”
Gathering our composure we asked Adrian what he wants to be done and what suggestions he had made up at the Town Hall?
” Listen, George, it’s simple is it not? poop and scoop just like dog owners are supposed to do, horse riders should carry poo bags and if their animal poos on the road or pavement they should get off their horse and scoop it up and bag it!  We don’t want to be walking in the stuff it’s dangerous fella, and you watch the town next weekend as the feria is on, the bleeding stuff will be everywhere, those geezers will be sipping beer on horseback whilst poo explodes across the roads and pavements, what about all those flies it attracts too!”
So we asked Adrian how he got on at the Town Hall
” I told them my points and issues and suggested they should bring in poop and scoop as a law but they weren’t really interested I don’t think, the woman took some notes and said she would pass it on, so when you messaged I was delighted and hopefully you can get my point of view across…. come on horses should be in the fields shouldn’t they? certainly not pooping all over the roads and pavements causing hazards?”
The final question had to be ” hows your shoes?”
Adrian retorted ” In the bleeding bin”


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