Fake hams for sale in Spain


CONSUMERS’ association Facua has filed a complaint against a food distributor saying it is passing off Polish ham as Spanish. 

It says that Comapa is selling the polish product under the brand Trevedul, seeking to relate it to the town of Trevelez in Granada, which is famous for its hams. 

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The brand is was widely distributed in Malaga province supermarkets. 

The complaint, filed with the Directorate General of Consumer Affairs of the Community of Madrid, also calls for penalties proportionate to the size of the ‘fraud’ and illicit profits obtained. 
Facua points out that on the labelling of the hams marketed under the Trevedul brand the following information appears: “Natural ham: Sierra Nevada”, “Cured white ham bodega: Cured ham from Granada Trevedul” and “Cured white ham reserva: Cured ham reserva Trevedul”. 

On the ham itself, however, the registration number of the slaughterhouse where the animal from which the product came was slaughtered is printed, beginning with PL corresponding to the international code that identifies Poland. 

The association indicates that the labelling of these products can cause the consumer to buy them under the mistaken belief that the origin of the ham and its curing are in the town of Trevelez, when it really is not. Moreover, the meat from that area has a protected geographical indication which Trevedul hams do not have. 

According to El Economista, Comapa has finally decided to withdraw this brand from the market. 


Facua had denounced Comapa last March for selling hams also from Poland under the brand name Jamones Sierra Alpujarra, incorrectly identifying this product as originating in the Granada region. The company has also eliminated this brand. 


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