Harry walks in his mothers footsteps

Prince Harry retraces his mothers footsteps walking through the minefields of Angola. Source: Twitter

THE Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry has visited land mine victims in Angola during his trip to the South African region.

During his trip he recreated the iconic walk through the partially cleared minefield that his mother, Princess Diana embarked upon 22 years earlier.

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Donned in a blast protector and a protective waistcoat, he took the walk to raise awareness of the issue of the deadly form of weapon.

Harry ended his visit to Angola by meeting Ms Thijika, 38, a landmine victim who was famously pictured with his mother sitting under a fig tree in an orthopaedic workshop in Luanda in 1997.

‘At that time I was very small, I was a very tiny girl and they started measuring my knee so they could see how the prosthetic would fit.

‘Princess Diana was watching this process and she started crying as she watched me getting measured for a new prosthetic.

‘After they measured my knee we went outside and we sat by a fig tree and she was speaking to me and I felt very happy, I felt very complete to have the attention of a princess,’ said Ms Thijika after chatting with Prince Harry about her meeting with his mother.

Harry also discovered that Ms Thijika also named one of her children Diana, after the princess.

Harry’s visit comes as the Angolan government pledges £48million to invest in the work of the landmine clearing charity Halo Trust in the country.


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