Morning Weather Report – Scorcher?


Waking up to foggy sea mist and low cloud this morning on the Costa del Sol was slightly disappointing especially having read that this weekend was to be a “Scorcher” with temperatures as high as 35c today.

Thankfully though our contact at the Met centre is on duty today and we called them to gather their thoughts on our region.
Our contact said ” For Costa Del Sol,I really can’t see temperatures rising more than to 26c at the highest point, although mostly sunny when mists clear but a little cloud in the skies, 35c is looking highly exaggerated to me but stranger things have happened I guess (with a little chuckle). This evening on the Costa del Sol will see a clear evening with a refreshing temperature of 18c maybe 17c”
We then asked, and Costa Blanca?
” Roughly the same really, again, no scorcher, mostly sunny with more sun than clouds with the highest temperature reaching 27c. So, unfortunately, nowhere near 35c! And, again, clear in the evening around the 18c mark”
And tomorrow we asked?
” I’m on duty from 7 am so feel free to call for an accurate forecast but early indications are looking as again you won’t see a scorcher, with both regions hitting highest points of 26/27c”
We thanked our contact for his prediction as he went off to prepare the weather reports for the UK TV stations.
So there we have it, folks, good weather but certainly no scorcher.


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