Constructive recycling in Palomares

CLEVER: The play area is constructed from pieces retrieved during upgrades to municipal parks. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Cuevas del Almanzora

A PALOMARES school has a new playground thanks to clever recycling and collaboration.

The Alarcon Fernandez de Arellanoschool play areais constructed from pieces removed from Cuevas del Almanzora municipal parks during remodeling works. The result is an appealing children’s recreation zone, which also shows the importance of giving new life to discarded materials, the local council said.

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The idea to make constructive use of materials being taken out of the parks came initially from the school’sAMPA parents’ association and the education centre. They approachedthe council about the possibility of restoring pieces and installing them on the playground.

The school heads, parents’ association members, Cuevas Education councillor Ana Mari Castro and Palomares district Mayor Maribel Alarcon gathered last week to admire the finished result, which features seesaws, a slide and various other games pieces. There is also cork flooring.

The council praised the schools’ parents for being so active. In recent years they have, the local authority pointed out, helped bring about improvements to digital equipment and air-conditioning in classrooms. The association also belongs to the ‘Ecoescuelas’ network, as part of which it organises activities and initiatives related to caring for the environment.

The Education councillordescribed the play areas as “a new space loaded with values, something which is really important in the education of boys and girls.”

The Palomares Mayor underlined the importance of working side-by-side with AMPA “to continue improving our village’s education areas and facilities.”

The local authority will, she added, “continue supporting schools and parents with the common goal of improving the lives of our pupils.”


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