WATCH: Fake job offer lure to sexually assault young women

Fake job offer lure to sexually assault young women Source: Flickr

CATALAN police have arrested a man accused of tricking young women into meeting him to discuss job offers so he could sexually assault them. 

The 25-year old suspect always used the same tactic, Spanish press reported. He searched out ads placed by women looking for work on an internet platform and got in touch with them on the pretext of an offer for a position as an office cleaner. 

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He set his sights particularly on young, attractive South Americans. 

When the women showed up for the supposed interviews in his car he took them somewhere isolated and asked them for sex in return for giving them work, and if they refused he tried to force them, Spanish media said. 

One 20-year old victim managed to get away from him, but he stole her bag in which there was €150 and her mobile phone. 

Police detained the suspect at his home in Corbera de Llobregat 

Spanish press also reported he was detained for a similar incident in 2017.  


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