Spanish Judge agrees to prosecute 16 police officers in connection with the death of 14 migrants

MIGRANT DEATHS: 16 officers will be prosecuted. CREDIT: Archive

SIXTEEN Guardia Civil officers will stand trial for the alleged reckless death of at least 14 migrants who drowned in Cueta trying to enter Spain.

An investigation was launched after it was heard the migrants had perished after jumping into the water to avoid being detained by ‘riot police’ on February 6, 2014.

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According to witness reports, a Guardia Civil boat was used as a barrier to prevent entry, together with two Army vessels. In one statement, a survivor claimed ‘red cartridges’ and ‘smoke or gas canisters’ were used to ‘baffle’ migrants.

In January 2017 and August 2018, a magistrate ordered the dismissal of the case.

But this was rejected by the Provincial Court, which ruled ‘no effort should be spared in order to exhaust the necessary investigative proceedings and thus achieve sufficient and effective research that is required.”



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