Series of earth tremors hit Canary Island of El Hierro

Canary Islands Work To Prevent Invasive Species
Canary Islands Work To Prevent Invasive Species Credit: Shutterstock

THE Canary Island of El Hierro was shaken by an earth tremor that reached a magnitude of 5.7 on the Richter scale. 

The quake was centred at a depth of 56 kilometres and about 180 kilometres west of the island, according to the Canary Islands Seismic Network. It was the first in a series of tremors that were recorded in the area. 

Although the tremor was felt by the island’s population at 1pm yesterday7 (September 26) there have been no reports of injuries or damage. 


After this earthquake another one occurred at 3.49 pm local time which was 3.4 magnitude and was located to the west of the municipality of La Frontera at a depth of 30 kilometres. 

Subsequently, at 4.06 pm another seismic movement of a magnitude of 2.5 was recorded in the same area, this time at a depth of 32 kilometres. 

In the last 10 days there have been 10 earthquakes near the island. In the last month the number of earthquakes has risen to 16


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