Police detain two 14-year-old students for assault on a former classmate


THE INCIDENT took place last week, a high school student was brutally assaulted last Monday by two 14-year-olds, former fellow classmates of the victim.

The victim received several punches in the head and body, blows which caused a fractured nose and left the victim almost unconscious before she was transferred to Ramón y Cajal hospital where she is still hospitalised.

The scene was recorded by a dozen teenagers who surrounded and insulted the victim and watched on impassively, only thinking to record the scene with their mobile phones and then uploaded the video to social media networks.


The victim of the aggression was a new student at the Francisco de Quevedo high school in the San Blas district.

The teen girl was in her second year of ESO having repeated a course. She had previously, been studying at the Simancas High school, an institute less than two kilometres away, where she had previously been classmates with the two aggressors.

It appears that the trigger for the assault could be an alleged relationship between the victim and the boyfriend of one of the aggressors. The girl had already experienced problems at the former high school which is why she left the centre and moved to a new high school in an attempt to evade the aggressors.

The arrested of the minors took place yesterday (Thursday) by the National Police and they have been handed over to the Juvenile Prosecutor. As the aggressors are both 14-years-old, the Child Criminal Responsibility Law will be applied.

The Police have also identified another person as responsible for the dissemination of the video of the aggression.

The Community of Madrid also decided on Thursday to activate the protocol of bullying at school given that the event occurred at the doors of the high school. In addition, the community has informed that action will be taken against the people who threatened the victim, did not help and recorded and spread the images of the fight on their mobiles.

These behaviours are accompanied by precautionary, corrective and disciplinary proceedings.

The other high school, Simancas, will also determine the disciplinary measures to be taken against the attackers. These actions are included in the Coexistence Decree signed last April, which includes as a very serious offence ‘the use of intimidation or violence, aggressions, serious offences and acts that seriously undermine the right to privacy , to honour or to one’s own image or health against classmates or other members of the educational community.’



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