Malaga trains go contactless

NEW SYSTEM: Contactless cards will be able to be recharged at vending machines. Credit: InGolf/Flickr

THE Renfe Cercanias local train service has switched to a contactless card system.

Called the ‘+Renfe&Tú’ personalised Contactless Card (TSC) it initially replaced the monthly season ticket and student season tickets.

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Since September 16 they also replaced the old-style card tickets with a magnetic strip, which are no longer available.

There are two types of “+Renfe & Tú”: the personalised card and the non-personalised card, both with no expiry date which can be recharged at ticket offices and vending machines.

The personalised card is plastic, with the holder’s name and photo, as well as the passenger’s code number. It looks similar to a credit card and is suitable for all current tickets including season tickets and those with discounts, and costs €2.

The non-personalised card is suitable for loading any non-personalised transport ticket (for example single and return tickets). This type is made of cardboard and can be purchased both at ticket offices and in vending machines. It costs €0.50.



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