Less Spanish Bars But Revenues Up!


According to the latest statistics released by the association of Hospitality in Spain the Hostelería de España, Spain has seen a drop in bars but an increase in the number of restaurants.

 Recent data revealed, the food and drink industry accounts for a total of over 300,000 bars and restaurants that employ over 1.6 million people and generate revenues of 129,450 million Euros.

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The number of bars in Spain has dropped for various years and this year closed with a total of 184,430 bars. Although the number of bars has decreased, the total revenues increased by 0.9% to 39,094 million Euros.

 Restaurants in Spain totalled 76,492 venues with an increase of 3.8% over the previous year with total revenues of just over 49,000 million Euros.

 The Euro Weekly News spoke to Gary Adamson from Bars Abroad based in Fuengirola who is a real estate agent specialising in the sale of bars on the Costa del sol who said 

” Yes those figures stack up to me, whilst there are fewer bars about these days the bars are actually seeing more sales with less competition and even better producing more profit, bar sales for me are very buoyant at present and I’m doing at least 4 viewings a day as potential clients have realised profits are going up!”

Meanwhile, Scott Mcgregor at established seafront restaurant Scoffers which has been established for 29 years said “Interesting figures those in his dulcet Scottish tones, I have noticed customers eating more recently especially our main options menu in the evenings”

Clearly, bar and restaurant owners in Spain are seeing the benefits to their long hours’ occupations.


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