Fashion Industry Branded As Second Worst World Polluter

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Fashion industry branded “dirty” as second worst world polluter

ECO warriors have launched a war against “dirty” fashion that´s creating 800,000 tons of waste in Spain every year.

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Researchers at the International Energy Agency say that textile production causes more pollution than global shipping and aviation combined and is the world´s second most polluting industry.

The Dirty Fashion report, a collaboration of green campaign groups including Spain´s Ecologists in Action has revealed that the processes to produce textiles pumps out toxins that damage the ecosystem and harm people´s health.

Popular high street clothing stores are called out for selling throw-away fashion that relies on cheap labour in Asia where regulation of environmental industrial impact is lax.

For Serlinda Vigara, a member of Ecologists in Action and one of the coordinators of the publication,

The textile sector spends, every year, an average of

Around 93,000 million cubic meters of water a year are used every year by the sector which adds dyes and textile treatment chemicals accounting for 20 per cent of global water pollution.

Ninety per cent of discarded textiles go straight to landfill with less than 1 per cent of material being recycled. On average consumers wear a garment less than 10 times before throwing it away.

Industry leaders are being called on to review production and distribution processes to avoid wasting resources and damaging the planet.



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