Fake 50 Euro note warning

Credit: Shutterstock

WARNINGS are circulating on social media about fake 50 euro notes.

The notes which are circulating at the moment can nbe identified by a thicker silver strip on the right hand side and no thread on the left.

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Also the silver square Also the silver tiny square on the back is a sticker.

True Euro banknote is made of cotton and feels crisp and firm.

Run your finger across the front of a banknote and you will feel raised print in some parts, where the ink is thicker.

A fake note will feel limp and waxy. The raised print is usually missing, so the ink does.

The watermark is produced by varying the thickness of the paper.

It can be seen by holding the banknote against the light. The transitions between the light and dark parts of the image are smooth.

If you put the banknote on a dark surface, the watermark becomes darker. This effect is very easy to see in the number

A fake watermark is usually printed on the paper. It appears darker than the surrounding area. The transitions between light and dark areas are often very sharp.



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