Environmental agenda for Huercal-Overa

CONCERN: Waste-water treatment plants are “in very bad condition”, the Mayor maintains. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Huercal-Overa

PROBLEMS to be resolved were top of the agenda at a meeting between the Huercal-Overa Mayor and the Junta’s Environment delegate.

Francisca Lourdes Fernandez, alongside Town Planning Environment councillor Monica Ruiz, discussed the situation of the municipal waste-water treatment plants with the regional government’s Agriculture and Fishing department’s Almeria delegate Aranzazu Martin.

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The plants are, according to the Mayor, “in very bad condition”, which she maintains “impacts on our residents’ quality of life.”

Fernandez said the council is looking to address the issue as soon as possible with “an ambitious project” to improve the systems in the waste-water treatment plants in the Los Menas, El Pilar, San Francisco, El Saltador and Santa María de Nieva districts, and that the improvements would require an investment of €600,000.

In the case of La Molineta, the Mayor said, the council idea is a connection with the municipal treatment plant.

Resolving the issue of the closure of the La Parata rubbish dump was also on the meeting agenda.

It is, the Mayor said, a matter of concern to her administration as it should have been settled years ago, accusing the previous local government of having “avoided” the issue.

She said her governing team aimed to address the situation “as soon as possible”, and had therefore also requested the collaboration of the regional government.

According to Fernandez environmental issues in the municipality “have for years been forgotten.”

She continued, “Our goal is to work so that growth, development and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand in our municipality.”


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