Brilliant bowling for Celebration Mixed Singles Set Play

Winner Ian Jackson and runner up Bob Craig

THE Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club hosted the recent Celebration Mixed Singles Set Play Knockout.

This is a slightly different format from normal competitions as it is played in sets.

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Nine ends are played followed by another nine ends. If after this the sets are tied then a deciding three ends are played to decide the winner. If a competitor wins both sets then they have won the match and deciding ends do not have to be played.

Although there were some very good rounds during the competition, the semi-final between Ian Jackson and Brian Willerton will take some beating.

The first set was level 7-7. The second set was amazingly also level at 7-7. This meant there was to be a three end decider.

Ian won the first end with Brian winning the second end. The final end was won by Ian taking him into the final against another in-form player, Bob Craig.

To say that the final was a masterclass in exhibition bowling would be an understatement. Ian got off to a slightly better start, taking the first set 7-5. The second set was more evenly balanced, but Ian picked up a three on the eighth end with Bob needing to get three on the last end to win the set.

Sadly for Bob he only picked up a one, with Ian winning the second set and the final.

Brilliant bowling with the spectators thoroughly enjoying the whole competition.


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