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CULTURAL INTEGRATION: Recognise the problems and quell the rising disquiet.
CULTURAL INTEGRATION: Recognise the problems and quell the rising disquiet.

WELL there’s a turn up. A recent poll carried out by our illustrious, ‘non-biased’ BBC TV, which asked if integration was working in the UK, resulted in a massive 95 per cent of the public coming back with an emphatic and decisive NO.

Yes you read it correctly 95 per cent! Almost unbelievably, on receiving the live outcome, despite the result being overwhelming, some of the no-doubt carefully selected studio panel, still argued that the poll had somehow been conducted in the ‘wrong areas’. Give us all a break.

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Just how convincing do these results have to be before the snowflakes and arrogant ‘know-it-all’ elite can admit they are in the wrong?

Listen carefully all of you so called experts! Whatever ‘area,’ time of the month or ‘wrong leaves on the track’, 95 per cent against 5 per cent is an utterly decisive vote against the out-of- touch policies constantly being jammed down the throats of the British public.

You only have to ask anyone living outside your privileged, self-indulgent, naive bubble. The so-called diversity and integration, which tries to force utterly different cultures to exist together as one great big ‘happy family’ simply doesn’t work.

No one is happy. The different cultures aren’t happy, the mish mashes of diverse religionists aren’t happy and the indigenous population, who used to be happy, is quite rightly not only extremely unhappy, but is also becoming increasingly angry with the whole sorry state of affairs.

It’s also time the media egocentrics stopped insulting the public’s intelligence and desisted from churning out this positive glut of agonizingly PC commercials, where every second TV ad shows mixed marriages and diverse families living in blissful harmony.

Or depicts walks in the park, with a carefully chosen cross section of cultures, all playing happily together. It is all a cruel illusion. It simply isn’t true. I’m not trying to stir up racial disharmony or religious unrest; I’m simply pointing out that, the sooner we recognise that problems truly do exist, and that this whole diversity experiment is in its present form an unmitigated disaster, then the sooner we will quell the rising disquiet and begin a positive approach to sort out the problems.

All the time we listen to the leftie snowflakes spouting their propaganda and lying about the true situation and continue to let the politicians ride slip shod over our democracy, the quicker we will slide into physical confrontations on our streets.

Sooner or later yet another Enoch Powel prophecy will manifest and it will all be far too late. In closing I hasten to add that this piece was very closely akin to a column I wrote nearly twenty years ago. At the time it was laughed at and simply dismissed as a ‘Leapy rant’. Well no one in their right mind is laughing now. Or are they!?

I await the slings and arrows with breathing bated.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy

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  1. Where exactly did you get this information from? The most recent, March 2019, poll from the BBC on this subject, Crossing Divides, would suggest the opposite. That, according to their survey, the concern regarding immigrants has steadily become more positive. Where is the report that suggests what you have stated? You certainly owe it to your readership to state your sources, especially after humbling yourself with an apology last week for mis representation of the facts. One might hope that the editorial staff on this newspaper might take you to task more often.


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