An Exclusive Interview With OBE Josh Whilst Training Tonight


As Euro Weekly News readers will know is that we have been following Josh Llewellyn Jones OBE World record holder since his training sessions in Spain.

We had another exclusive interview with Josh as het set off for an all night run to prepare for his challenge of a 21 mile swim in Dover, before cycling 200 miles to St James’s Palace by Royal Appointment and then running home to South Wales another 160 miles all in 5 days.

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Josh whilst out running tonight said

“Hi George, weathers not so good here since returning from Spain but alls good otherwise and I need to adapt to the weather, its coming down cats and dogs right now but it’s something I need to adapt to since returning from Spain. I twisted my ankle slightly whilst training in the Ronda mountains so took a couple of days off on my return to relax it and its working well at present. 

Myself and Gareth Thomas have been doing a lot of swimming in a hydro pool whilst the ankle was playing up to keep up the fitness, but it’s back to road training tonight as I run through the night to Newport and back from my home 20 miles outside Cardiff, at the pace I’m going I should estimate being back by 6 AM but I’m going for 5.30AM to push myself in case I need that sprint on the 5th day during the challenge as I near home! I’m determined to not let anyone down after my claims and what I have promised my supporters. Well according to doctors I am supposed to have died by now from CF so I might ask well give it that extra push hey?”

Josh went onto to say ” this is not about me, I’m alive and fit, this is for all sufferers of CF around the world and other unfair chronic diseases people suffer like Crohns Disease. My mentor Steve Redgrave has Crohns and has been a massive inspiration to me, ok I can’t row a boat and haven’t won 5 gold medals in the Olympics but I’ve broken world records and am attempting another, I say to my fellow sufferers ” If I can you can” just believe in yourself and never allow it to grind you down.”

Josh went onto say ” please thank all Euro Weekly News readers for me George, I have received such a great support from them after reading the interview and coming through my website with messages and contributions”

His final words were ” I love you all, your support is immense and look forward to seeing you all in Spain when I’ve smashed this world record, it’s for you all with chronic disease, it will never beat us!”


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