Nigel Benn Announces Opponent In Come Back Fight


Nigel Benn announced his comeback today with his comeback fight date arranged for November 23rd.

Benn after a 23 year absence from the sport announced he will take on Sakio Bika 15 years his junior.
As we reported earlier this week in the Euro Weekly News the fight was on the cards, we didn’t at that time know the opponent.
Sources had thought it may have been against old adversary Steve Collins, at least matching ages in more of a novelty fight, or a matched age grudge match as Benn lost twice to Collins with the last fight being way back in 1996, the last time Benn fought.
Although that was not the case according to Benn’s promoter Mark Peters who said ” It’s not like Nigel left the sport, hung up his gloves and never trained again. He’s the fittest 55 year old on the planet”
Promotor Peters went on to say “he has still been training twice a day and he will shadow box anywhere, I wouldn’t support Nigel if he was not fit enough to box, it’s his life and his prerogative to fight, From his point of view this is closure”
Benn’s previous promotor Frank Warren said “I don’t know if he’s doing it for financial reasons but whatever the reason, he shouldn’t be doing it, I don’t want him to do it as I have a lot of love for him”
Warren went on to say “I started his career and he finished his career with me, 55 year old men should not be fighting when they have been out the ring for 23 years”
The fight will not be sanctioned by the British Boxing Board Of Control, although Benn and his camp had been in dialogue with Robert Smith the head of the control, they are against the fight taking place and advised they wouldn’t issue the required licence.
The fight will be sanctioned by the British and Irish Boxing Authority.
Bika was a world champion himself only as far back as 2014 although himself not having fought for 2 years.
Daniel Hughes well known boxing expert said in regards the fight “it’s crazy, if these 2 have any steam left in their lockers this could be very dangerous, Nigel should know the dangers especially has he’s been involved in near death fights before, the fight should not be sanctioned by any boxing authority”
Hughes further went onto say “I’ve studied Bika he’s a right handful and a hard hitter as well as a dirty fighter especially with his head”
Benn is well loved by the British public being one of the boxing icons of the 80’s and 90’s but boxing fans globally must be thinking this is one step to far?  despite Benn saying differently. 


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