A Poem dedicated to Brexit

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Leave or Remain?

They asked us to choose

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While never imagining

A chance they could lose


So we went in our hoards

And walked through the rain

We were told that this chance

Would not come again


We will honour your choice

Whatever you decide

Remainers and Leavers

Will stand side by side


Clear in the knowledge

That when it was done

The people of Great Britain

Would move on as one


But when it was settled

No one could believe

That the people had spoken

And voted to Leave


Apocolyptic warnings

And the threat of disaster

But the British people wanted

A better hereafter


Farage was ecstatic

And told the EU so

After twenty five years

Of campaigning to go


Cameron deserted

The very next day

And stepping into the limelight

Prime Minister May


An election was called

To ensure she could go

To reach an agreement

But hold on………no


The Polls were wrong

The country had spoken

And punished the Tories

The remainers had woken


A coalition was needed

But who would it be

The Liberals or Greens?

It’s …….The DUP

And the price that it took?

To hold back the hounds

For ten more votes?

One Billion Pounds


So an agreement to secure

The way that we left

Was drafted and published

And it left us bereft


We had given our answer

Yet the political elite

Had crawled to the EU

And fell at their feet


Apologising that we wanted

Our sovereignty restored

The will of the people

Dismissed and ignored


The Backstop and Trade Deals

Were all we discussed

Endless scenarios

All left us concussed


The remainers undaunted

Still couldn’t conceive

That the people of Britain

Had voted to Leave


Leavers are racist

And don’t understand

Leavers are stupid

This has to be canned


Three times Mrs May

Tried to get her deal through

But Soubry and Corbyn

Knew better than you


A majority for nothing

Just extend and extend

She fell on her sword

Dancing Queen’s at her end


So now we have Boris

And the break will be clean

He’s promised we’re going

Well…….Around Halloween


But remainers aren’t willing

To sit there and take it

Just show us the deal

And we’re going to break it

The Leavers are wrong

We don’t care how they feel

So we’re passing a bill

Which removes a NO DEAL


Grieve and his cronies

Have now had their say

And Boris is saying

We’re not going to stay


Ken Clarke is ejected

And twenty others besides

Is this really The House

Where democracy resides?


Parliament suspended

And the courts intervene

They call Boris dishonest

Did he lie to the Queen?


Three years of waiting

Has brought us to this

A sunny tomorrow?

Or on the edge of an abyss?


No closer, No further

From leaving the EU

And no one agrees

On what we should do


Brexit divides

And raises debate

It stirs up emotion

Causes people to hate


The Referendum was fair

And we all had our say

We won’t let you ignore it

And we won’t go away


You asked us to choose

Simply our choice

So maybe The Leavers

Should now raise their voice


We’re not stupid or Racist

We said what to do

So, now honour our instruction

And the Red, White and Blue

By Dave Mathews


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