WATCH: George Clooney brings central Madrid to a standstill

CAPTION: WHO’S THAT GIRL? Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson also appeared in the ad shoot, according to media reports. CREDIT: Brie Larson Updates Twitter @BrieLarsonHQ

GEORGE Clooney brought central Madrid to a standstill on Tuesday while filming a commercial for a well-known brand of coffee machines.

Sporting a thick beard, the Hollywood heartthrob was filmed standing in front of the company shop in Calle Velazquez and cycling down a street with a blond woman who some Spanish media reported was Oscar-winning American actress Brie Larson.

One lane on the street was closed off for the shoot creating even worse traffic jams than usual in this area of the capital. The situation was reportedly not helped by drivers slowing down or even stopping to catch a glimpse of the 58-year old star.


At the same time dozens of curious onlookers gathered and tried to grab images of the celebrities on their mobiles.

This was the second time this year Clooney has visited Spain. Last month he was in Tenerife to check out locations for the film Good Morning, Midnight, which he will direct for Netflix.



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