The San Francisco beach clean in Fuengirola

Young people at the forefront of the fight to save the sea.Credit: Facebook

LAST Saturday a large number of people arrived at the San Francisco beach, for a day of shoreline cleaning supported by the Fuengirola Council. 

The intention was not only to remove the waste that manages to make its way onto the beach but also to highlight the importance of keeping the beaches in good condition and promoting cycling 

The Spanish Institute of Oceanography will stand on the beach and gave a talk to those present about the state of the Mediterranean and international waters. 


The hope is that as public awareness increases, so over a period of time, Fuengirola will be able to boast that visitors may enjoy 100 per cent sustainable beaches. 

As can be seen in the accompanying photograph, the majority of those taking part were youngsters and it is they who will be experiencing climate change and environmental difficulties in the future. 

Later next month, there will be a screening in 11 towns and cities of a new film by the group Fridays for another Future of a documentary about sustainability and environmental awareness. 

It is aimed mainly at schoolchildren and students and this is a Canadian film Youth Unstoppable which highlights the activities taken by young people around the world who are leading the fight against climate emergency in order to save the planet and their own futures. 

There will be a session in Fuengirola in the last week of October and to register for individuals or groups it is necessary to go online to:


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