Opposition party denounces PPs leadership tactics in Almuñécar

Trinidad Herrera is currently under fire from opposition parties. Source: Facebook

MAYORESS of Almuñécar and La Herradura, Trinidad Herrera, has come under fire from opposition party Convergencia Andaluza over the parties leadership tactics.

The CA has denounced the PP, specifically Herrera, for refusing to call plenary sessions to discuss the regions issues.

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In a statement, the CA explained, “The constitution includes the right of citizens to participate in public management through their democratically elected representatives,”

As well as not instigating democratic plenary sessions, the leader is accused of being absent to five of the 12 sessions that were conducted in 2018, thus eliminating the ability to debate political proposals offered by opposition parties.

“Herrera, installed in the comfortable majority provided by her pact with IU and with the complicity of Citizens, quickly forgot her electoral promises of transparency,” exclaimed the CA.

The CA are pushing for change in the current procedures as their proposals for a reduction the IBI, subsidizing of hotels that are open all year to maintain employment, the maintenance and improvement of playgrounds and the request for a pharmacy in Torrecuevas are currently unable to be discussed.

Due to the considered illegal behaviour of the current PP government, the CA are forced to investigate the proper legal actions to retain the ability to partake in the oppositions access to “fundamental rights”.


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