Job opportunities with a renowned International Supermarket chain

Lidl Spain opens its doors to employment opportunities Credit: Shutterstock

As the tourist season draws to an end, unemployment rises as temporary work contracts finalise. However there are some companies that make the most of the available work force and open their doors to new recruits with employment offers.

Lidl Spain, the German-based company is one of them. They have recently opened a new selection processes in many areas of Spain. (Currently 100 positions available throughout Spain).

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The supermarket chain is looking for cashiers, a trainee publicist, sales managers and store managers.

The selection processes has opened up in: Pontevedra, Balearic Islands, Granada, Alicante, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Murcia, Barcelona, Almería, Córdoba and Badajoz.

In Barcelona, Murcia and Malaga, Lidl Spain not only seek cashiers but also a sales manager.

In Cartagena, Murcia as in San Javier, both a cashier to cover a 25 hour week and an assistant store manager are required.

Other Andalusian towns requesting employees for this supermarket chain are Baza (Granada) who need to fill a 22 hour cashier position, as does Vera (Almería). An assistant store manager in Cordoba and a further position in the Seville delegation to do internships in the advertising department.

Lidl Spain has also opened it’s contracting processes in the Valencian Community. In Alicante, a cashier is needed for the Elche supermarket (to cover 22 hr/ week) and another for Petrer.

A deputy store manager is required in Benissa. A further two positions are needed to cover stores in Valencia. Both cashier positions, one in La Alcudia and another in the Requena supermarket.

Lidl Spain also request an assistant store manager for Vigo (Pontevedra), another in Mérida (Badajoz) and a 30-hour cashier for Palma de Mallorca.

Everyone who wants to apply for one of these positions in Lidl must meet a series of minimum requirements.

Minimum requirements involve the following:

In the case of the cashier positions: You would need to have General Secondary Education and flexible availability.

Agricultural Engineering is requested for the quality technician positions, or a similar degree such as Veterinary, Biology, Food Technician. In addition, a high or intermediate level of English and computer-literate.

For the Technical Project Manager, the requirements include university studies in Industrial Engineering or similar, an advanced level of English (B2.2.), Willingness to travel, communication skills, high capacity for analysis and autonomy, knowledge in project management and German will also be valued.

For more information: LIDL SPAIN


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