10 Million Euro Estimated Losses As 9,500 Tuna Took Place In A Great Escape

Credit.Ocean 71

Spanish beaches are littered with dead tuna after recent stormy seas.

During the recent stormy seas off the coast of San Pedro del Pintar, fish farms saw their enclosures damaged allowing 9,500 blue fin tuna to escape to the open seas.
Unfortunately many of the 9,500 tuna got battered and failed to survive with around 1,300 tuna estimated to be dead so far.
Each tuna weighed over 100 kilos and have started to wash up on beaches in La Manga whilst rotting carcasses have been recovered all along the coast of eastern Costa Cálidas well further south along the Costa Blanca coast line.
It’s expected the 1,300 death count will reach higher levels as more tuna wash ashore.
Fish farmers in the area said only 800 tuna remained in their cages out of the captive 10,300 tuna being fattened for market in their enclosures.
Tuna suffer greatly from stress as their cardio respiratory system is extremely sensitive and the likely cause of so many deaths.
Members of the public should not be tempted by a lovely tuna steak as much of the meat will now be contaminated after spending much time dead in the water and will be unfit for human consumption.
Found carcasses should be reported to the local police if discovered by beach walkers stating the exact location.
The loss of the large farmed tunas is expected to cost local fish farming businesses in the region tens of millions of euros.


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