WATCH: Catalan separatists in “advanced” preparations to carry out violent attacks

CAPTION: SEIZED: Raids properties in Barcelona led to the discovery of what the Guardia described as “abundant material and substances considered precursors for making explosives.” CREDIT: Guardia Civil Gabinete de Prensa photo Guardia Civil Twitter video @guardiacivil

THE nine Catalan separatists arrested on Monday morning were at an “advanced” level of preparations to carry out a series of violent attacks to coincide with the second anniversary of the unauthorised referendum on independence for the region, according to the public prosecutor.

The detentions on charges of terrorism, rebellion and possession of explosives were part of a major Guardia Civil operation focused on pro-Catalan independence movements.

The public prosecutor said the detainees were all members of the CDR Committees for the Defence of the Republic, a network of local and regional assemblies set up two years ago to defend the Catalan independence referendum, which the Spanish courts declared illegal.


Raids on 10 properties in various towns in Barcelona led to the seizure of what the Guardia described as “abundant material and substances considered precursors for making explosives, which could be (pending confirmation by specialists), used in the preparation of devices.”

The Guardia said large amounts of documentation and computer hardware were also seized, and they had not ruled out further detentions.

The CDR claimed on Twitter the arrests were an act of repression.

Pro-independence Catalan President Quim Torra also posted his criticism of the national government on social media.

“Repression remains Spain’s only response”, he commented.

He also accused Madrid of smearing the Catalan independence movement as violent, but insisted, “The independence movement is and always will be peaceful.”


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