Potential Holiday Makers Complaining About Price Hikes

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Holiday makers noticing price hikes after Thomas Cook Collapse.
Travellers preparing for their holidays and many of them already having attempted a booking with Thomas Cook before the collapse are hitting social media complaining about other agencies hiking prices up.
David Kirkwood posted screen shots on social media demonstrating how a Jet 2 holiday in Cyprus increased in cost by £800 between 7.30am and 11.30am on Monday.
He further went on to post 
That he thought the firm were “soulless”, “money grabbing” and “opportunist”.
Twitter username @westmitc posted he planned to book a holiday with the firm last night but waited until today as he had a question to ask, by which time the cost had increased by £248.
“They’re taking the p*** because of Thomas Cook,” he posted.
Twitter handle @cherrie2502 posted that she booked a Thomas Cook flight for £215 last week when a Jet 2 flight on the same route was £284, but the latter has now gone up to £511.
“Way to go on price gouging,” she tweeted. 
Twitter user @azza78 said Virgin Atlantic flights to Florida have gone up by £400 since the announcement by Thomas Cook. She tweeted to Virgin directly asking “ any chance of a price match? “ 
We spoke to Mr Leigh James from a local travel agency in Surrey this morning who told us
“ Unfortunately the travel agency and airline industry has always been priced on supply and demand markets, clearly there’s more demand than supply right now, although I expect as travel agencies and airlines compete extra schedules will get laid on and see prices drop again”
Mr James offered his own advice saying “ if it’s not urgent don’t book and wait for prices to lower as more schedules get laid on”.  He ended with ” Sales enquiries are through the roof at present since the collapse of Thomas Cook and markets will follow that demand in pricing”


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