Illegal road kill disposal in Torre del Mar

Numerous road kill victims are not being properly disposed of according to new fears. Source: Pixabay

LEADING Animal protection group Tidus has opened an investigation after reports of illegal disposal of roadkill have emerged.

The Federación de Defensa Animal has been notified of the illegal burial of nearly 500 animals at the roadside of the Carretera del Arco, between Torre del Mar and the municipality of Arcos.

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Under current laws, any animal suspected of being an owned pet must be collected for identification through a microchip before being disposed of.

The Chairman of Tidus, Pablo Narváez, explained that he personally knows of one instance where two boxer dogs were struck and killed near Velez-Malaga, and when the organisation arrived a the scene the dogs had been buried at the roadside.

The Málaga provincial administration, when asked about the situation pointed out that the road is of regional responsibility and that the provincial authorities had no jurisdiction over it.


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