Dancing Firemen in Orihuela

Dance Moves: The emergency services decide to get their groove on and let off a bit of steam after their hard work and efforts to get the city back to normal. Credit: Facebook

ORIHUELA firefighters took to the streets to perform a children’s dance routine and raise a few smiles.

After all the recent hard work put in by all the emergency services to help recover from the storms that destroyed the Orihuela coast and flooded many houses, the emergency services took some time out to let their hair down.

Dancing along to ‘Baby Shark’, a popular children’s song, they put the smiles back onto the faces of the Orihuela residents. They can be seen lined up in front of the fire trucks and army trucks, all the rescue teams and emergency services have been working tirelessly to get the cities back to normal.


The video has been shared on Facebook and has gone viral, bringing not just a smile to the residents of Orihuela but to the rest of the world too.


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