Cleared of murder for shooting Colombians ‘in self defence’ 

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Hooded gunman

A MAN has been cleared of two counts of murder after he shot dead two armed and hooded Colombians who entered his farm in Spain.

The decision has been revealed in the trial of MAH who, along with three others, is accused of being involved in the killing of his ex-wife, Lucia Garrido. 

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In a surprising twist to the trial MAH’s own lawyer revealed that a case against him in another murder trial had been shelved by a different judge on September 13 

The case had originally been shelved in 2016, but an appeal court ruled that it should be reopened for investigation. 

MAH has always maintained he acted in self defence , and the magistrate agreed, saying “there are no rational indications of criminality against a certain person…who is protected by his right to legitimate defence.” 

The magistrate consodered MAH’s actions proportionate since the assailants had not only entered his farm but were also heavily armed and had fired seven shots. 

 The case had been reopened because Guardia Civil had gathered evidence from several ‘protected’ witnesses, which showed that the assault on the Los Naranjos farm was an attempt to steal cocaine that was hidden on it. 

They claimed that MAH had discovered the plan and ambushed the two Colombians before removing the cocaine in a van. 

However, the judge said that after the reopening of the case, there is still not enough evidence that the events happened as stated in that report, particularly that an ambush had been set 

He also said there was not enough time between the gunfight and police arriving for the defendant to have moved the cocaine. 

The killings happened a year after the body of Lucia Garrido was found on the same farm in Alhaurin de la Torre (Malaga) in 2008.  

Witnesses say that her ex-husband had threatened her. Two ex-members of the Guardia Civil are also being investigated plus another man. 

The trial continues. 



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