Arrested for 2009 murder in Tenerife

Arrested for 2009 murder in Tenerife Credit: Holiday Hypermarket

A MAN, aged 44, has been arrested for an alleged murder of a woman who disappeared in 2009. 

The arrested man is at present serving a sentence for a 2010 murder. 

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An investigation started in July 2016, when two young men came across two holdalls in Barranco de Santos at Puente Javier de Loño in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Inside the bags were human bones. 

At that time the Homicide Group of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife National Police was investigating the disappearance of a woman, which had been reported several years previously by the woman’s daughter. 

As a result, the investigation focused on identifying the remains found, and seeing if they could be matched to the missing woman. This process culminated in the recent arrest. 


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