With friends like this… Under arrest for stealing €10,000 from mate’s house

ADMISSION: The mate said she took the money to pay off her debts to beauty clinics. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

A VERA woman is under arrest for stealing €10,000 from a friend’s house.

Initial Guardia Civil investigations following the report of the theft revealed there were no signs any doors or windows had been forced open at the property and everything appeared to be in its place.

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However, the robbery victim told officers, a friend had been staying with her at the time the cash she kept stashed in her home had disappeared.

Her pal, identified as V.P.M., had after a few days gone to stay in a rented property in a nearby town, reportedly claiming she was not feeling well.

When the Guardia Civil caught up with her they found a large amount of money in the bag she was carrying.

She admitted she’d stolen the money


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