What a weekend that was!

Thomas Cook, the travel company
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Sadly Thomas Cook, the travel company has gone into Administration overnight. I am sure that the travel trade will gather round and support all those affected. In the short term it’s the travellers that will be in the headlines, 150,000 will need help to get home.

However all of the industry will feel the effects of the demise of a company that has been synonymous with package holidays for more than a century. Arguably Thomas Cook himself invented the very idea of the package travel deal.

Meanwhile, the BA pilot’s strike planned for the 27 September has been called off though 600 flights have been cancelled according to reports. The pilot’s union says they have called it off in the hope of restarting the stalled negotiations.


Little outward sign of negotiations actually taking place. I would be more than a bit miffed if I was the leader of BA when the Pilots turn up for work when I had already cancelled the flights. Good news; many have now been reinstated and if affected you should make contact with BA in the usual way and see how the new situation will affect you.

The Supreme Court is due to ‘speak’ on Tuesday concerning it’s hearing into the Prorogation of the Westminster Parliament held last week. TV audience figures are claimed of upwards of 7 million for the live transmissions of the hearings. Is this a record? Some say it is. I fear though that all sides though holding strong opinions have little idea as to what is going on.

Viewing the proceedings was not unlike watching some little known but strangely fascinating tribal ceremonies in a far distant land of which we know little. What happens next? No one appears to know. The Courts have been busy though with a Leave oriented organisation being exonerated and several Remain oriented organisations being found guilty of electoral crimes.

The Electoral Commission is also in trouble with allegations of bias, calls for dismissals and resignations rising. In short more of the same.

The party political conference season kicked off last week. The Liberal Democrats had their conference in Bournemouth and for anyone interested they seemed to be having a good time by the sea side with one Liberal Democrat calling for the hanging drawing and quartering of opponents with their dismembered cadavers being distributed to the four corners of the UK.

He has since been delisted as a candidate. The Liberal Democrats are in favour of much as well else besides as well as the revocation of Article 50 and so remaining in the EU. The Labour Party meet in Brighton and kicked off their conference with their own special flavour of unity. Reports of one side planning to abolish the position of Deputy Leader.

Neat method of disposing of an opponent, simply abolish the position itself rather than win an election. The Conservative Party meets in Manchester at the end of the month. As several erstwhile Conservative MPs have now left the Party [by various methods] their conference is likely to have its own share of fireworks.

Though the Trades Union Conference passed almost unnoticed by the Mains Stream Media and the general public alike. Generally the political conference season here is not gaining the attention it once did. With competition like the Supreme Court for vicarious entertainment; and relatable news such as honeymooners being turned away at the Thomas Cook check in desk no wonder.

Nick Horne, London, England


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