Local take on regional dish in Valencia

PAELLA DAY: Francesc Colomer and Luis Morant Photo credit: Alfaz town hall

TOURISM councillor Luis Morant celebrated World Paella Day in the world’s paella capital, Valencia City.

He was there as a member of the team this are working to have paella declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage and took part in a round table discussion that included the Generalitat’s Tourism chief, Francesc Colomer.

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Alfaz’s own paella celebration is scheduled for this Sunday, September 29 when members of the town’s numerous non-Spanish groups and associations compete to decide who can make the best paella.

In some cases they will giving their own take on the dish which records annual internet searches of 8 million, making it the planet’s fourth most-important dish.

The day starts at 12 noon at the pool area of Alfaz’s municipal sports complex and continues until 5pm.


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