Food supplies plea from animal rescue workers in Orihuela

CLEAR-UP: Volunteers sift through food supplies destroyed in the floods. CREDIT: Asoka Orihuela rescue

A PLEA for animal food has been issued after suppliers were destroyed by flooding in rescue centres struggling with an increase in strays.

Last week’s storm hit the region hard and, while volunteers try to resume business as usual, rescues have seen an increase in animals displaced, lost or abandoned in the floods.

Asoka Orihuela rescue takes abandoned animals throughout Orihuela City and Costa. When the storm hit, rescuers say their sanctuary was already bursting at the seams with more than 300 dogs, cats and various farm animals.


Supporters have spent days clearing mud from exercise areas and warehouses storing food and other suppliers have suffered severe flooding.

Nick Moore who has volunteered with the rescue for several years said volunteers and donations are now needed more than ever.

He said: “We had a lot of help immediately after the tragedy and this was amazing but now the work continues.  We still have cleaning to do and animals to care for.” 

As well as food suppliers, the centre needs volunteer dog walkers to allow animals relief from being in a cage all day while they wait for adoption.

The centre is open every morning of the year in the village of San Bartolome east of Orihuela.

Potential volunteers and supporters can contact Nick at [email protected]


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