Tribute to women stands proud

IMPOSING: The eight-metre high head appears to emerge from the ground. CREDIT: Juanma Moreno Twitter @JuanMa_Moreno

AN imposing tribute to women stands proud in Olula de Rio.

The eight-metre high ‘Woman of the Almanzora’ statue is a centerpiece for the municipality’s City of Culture and is intended to honour what Junta de Andalucia President Juanma Moreno described as “the fundamental role of women in all orders of society.”

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The Junta President was in Olula last week to officially inaugurate artist Antonio Lopez’s colossal creation and the underground exhibition area beneath its foundations explaining how it was made and the significance of the work.

He said it was “an example of collaboration between the public and the private” given that it was co-financed by Olula del Rio council and the Ibañez-Cosentino Foundation.

The giant head which appears to emerge from the ground is made from 84 blocks of white Macael marble and weighs 230 tonnes.

The sculpture stands in front of the Casa Ibañez Museum and next to the Perez Siguier centre.


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