New housing solutions for Velez-Malaga

Antonio Moreno Ferrer meets with Juan Jesus Bernal Ortiz to discuss housing issues. Source: Facebook / Antonio Moreno Ferrer

SOLVING the housing issues that shadow the Axarquian capital was the main topic in a meeting held this week.

The mayor of Velez-Malaga, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, met with the director in Malaga of the Agency for Housing and Rehabilitation, Juan Jesus Bernal Ortiz to discuss the objective of creating a specific commission to take care of the towns housing issues.

The commission will be in charge of creating affordable, rental properties specifically aimed at the regions youngsters who currently are struggling to afford to leave their parents care until a late age.


The other main aim of the commission is to provide a solution to the ‘Casillas de la Vía’, a shanty town settlement in Torre del Mar.

The area has been a hotbed for crime in recent years and living conditions have slowly become worse as the area continues to increase in size.

In a statement after the meeting, Moreno explained the reasoning for the new commission, “with the coalition, we are especially thinking of young people and other vulnerable groups by responding to an important citizen demand.

“The Municipal Government is working to consolidate a clear and solid project for Velez,” he continued.



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