Doctor denounces patient for verbal threats in Torre del Mar

The Centro de Salud in Torre del Mar. Source: Google Maps

IN a new case of aggression aimed at medical professionals in the region, a doctor has denounced a patient for making verbal threats whilst undergoing treatment.

The College of Physicians of Malaga has publicly denounced the man, who has not been named, after he made verbal threats towards a female doctor.

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The incident happened after the patient was admitted to the emergency health centre of Torre del Mar, and whilst being attended to by the doctor, he became increasingly aggressive before threatening that “family would come to visit her in the afternoon”.

Immediately after the incident, the doctor filed an official complaint to the Urgent Attention Telephone (TAU) of the College of Physicians of Malaga where she was advised on the correct procedures to lodge legal proceedings.

This latest case in aggressive behaviour to medical professionals adds to the already high number recorded this year. In total during 2019, 33 cases have been reported, more than the accumulative amount for the entire 2018.


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