Catalan Police gear up in preparation for separatist sentencing

Police officers hold back protesters in the Catalan capital after the referendum decision in 2018. Source: Facebook

THE Catalan Police force, The Mossos d’Esquadra are preparing themselves for a violent backlash towards the ruling of the upcoming ‘la sentencia del procés’, in which independence leaders receive their sentencing after four months of trial.

The force has enlisted a Swedish military supplier to provide additional riot fighting equipment and protective clothing as they prepare for possible riot situations.

“The aim is to avoid physical contact with demonstrators,” police sources stress.


As well as the already substantial arsenal of equipment at the hands of the Esquadra, they will be supplied with pepper sprays, two different types of fencing and high voltage torches to dazzle demonstrators.

The main tactic of the police will be to form a line in front of the area they intend to protect, in this case, the Mossos. The new type of fencing that will form part of the barricade is specifically designed to be hard to tip and heavy to be lifted and thrown.

In light of a potential conflict, the Mossos will enlist the entire force in multiple locations across the area. They will also receive support from the Operational Resources Unit (ARRO) and assistance from the Guardia Civil and the Policia Nacional.


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