The Spanish King Felipe is all set for his visit to Cuba

The Spanish King Felipe is all set for his visit to Cuba Credit: Hello Magazine

KING FELIPE’S visit to Cuba in November is still on, said Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell.

The visit by Felipe and his wife Letizia would have been the first state visit to the island by Spanish monarchs although the King’s parents visited the island for the Iberoamericana Summit in 1991.

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The present visit was timed to coincide with the 500th anniversary of Habana which was founded on November 16, 1519.

Now that another general election is inevitable and scheduled for November 10, acting minister Borrell cannot accompany them as planned.

“As far as the Foreign Ministry is concerned, I am not aware of any change of plan,” Borrell said. “But that isn’t to say that there won’t be,” he added.

Assuming that the visit is not cancelled, Felipe and Letizia will avoid the celebrations on the big day, November 16.

These will be attended by Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela which Spain ceased to recognise in February, and Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua with whom Spain maintains tense relations.


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