The Ayuntamiento Los Montesinos Warn Of Fake Raffle Tickets

Caption.Credit You Tube

The Ayuntamiento Los Montesinos have warned of unscrupulous sellers of fake raffle tickets claiming funds will benefit of those people affected by the recent floods.

The statement went on to say

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⚠️ notice possible fraud ⚠️
“We inform you that, apparently, fraudsters has been selling tickets for a raffle supposedly for the benefit of the people affected by the floods, claiming that they have the city council permission.
From this entity no type of sale of ballots has been authorized in favor of the affected people. Please, if you are offered any collaboration of this kind, make sure before the purchase that is truly a true cause and vendors are authorised for the sale of the tickets.If you are not satisfied this to be the case please contact your local police station.
Local police been informed and shall make arrests of any found fraudulent activities.”



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