Stowaways rescued

Fugitive wanted by China arrested in Malaga Credit: Wikipedia

THREE stowaways who had clung to the outside of a ferry’s landing ramp for seven hours were nearly crushed when it came down for docking.

The three Moroccans were spotted by a company employee as the Ciudad Autónoma Melilla de Trasmediterránea was mooring in the port of Malaga.

It appeared that they were planning on jumping into the water, but the massive ramp was rapidly coming down leaving them in great danger of ending up trapped between the gangway and the dock.


An employee on shore spotted the danger and alerted the ship’s captain who stopped the docking procedure just in time.

The ramp was raised back up with the stowaways from Melilla, aged between 16 and 18, clinging on for their lives.

They were eventually brought aboard the ferry with National Police later accompanying them to the police station to identify them.



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